About Us
The Center for Children and Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR) is an initiative born out of the triple disaster that befell Japan in March of 2011.  The concept for establishing the CCDRR is inspired by children in Japan, and globally, who may at any moment face the loss of family, friends and community due to disasters – both natural and manmade – and who have contributions to make towards how their towns and cities are rebuilt, and how Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) can be improved in their communities. As one girl in grade seven from the disaster stricken Tohoku area in Japan expressed, “I want children’s opinions and voices to be heard, not only have adults making the decisions.”  Another girl, in grade five, commented, “I want to be given an opportunity where I can open-heartedly share my ideas with others to build cheerful and energetic towns.” The world can protect children in emergencies, but there is much more to learn and share, especially about how to ensure that the voices of children are heard when disasters occur.  Through resources, knowledge sharing and collaborative work, the CCDRR can provide a platform and help build a network to ensure that child participation in DRR is recognized and meaningfully heard and applied. Our vision is that children throughout the world will be better protected and prepared when disasters occur through child participation in the development of plans and policies that affect the resilience and rebuilding of their respective communities and countries, as well as through strengthened communications among children and practitioners active in Disaster Risk Reduction.  When such systems are in place, the number of children (and their families) who are prepared for and better protected from disasters is greatly increased.  Our goal is to increase child participation in Disaster Risk Reduction through a child-friendly interactive platform that encourages learning, sharing, collaboration and the development of their ideas.