Terms of Use

1. Introduction

  1. Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") defines the terms and conditions of the Public Interest Incorporated Institute for Save the Children Japan ("SCJ") website provided by [www.ccdrr.org] (the "Web Site"). This Agreement will be applied to all users that make use of the Web Site. A user can use the Web Site only if they agree in advance to these Terms of Use.
  2. SCJ can change the Terms of Use at any time. Changes in the Terms of Use and the users’ Agreement enter into force when they are posted on the Web Site. It is assumed that a user agrees to the new Terms of Use after any change to the Terms of Use if they continue use of the Web Site.

2. User credentials

  1. To take advantage of the Web Site, a user must be at least 13 years old. In addition, if a user wants to use the Presentations/Events tool or Groups tool in the Web Site, it is necessary and required that a user accurately complete the registration process. If the user is under the age of 18, the user must complete the user registration process with the informed consent of a parent’s authority or other legal guardian representative.
  2. SCJ is able to refuse a user’s registration application if any of the following are suspected to be true:
    1. If a user supplies false user registration information;
    2. If the real identity of a registration applicant cannot be confirmed;
    3. If the user is a person who has previously been banned from the Web Site;
    4. If the user is likely to exploit the Web Site, intentionally break the Terms of Use, or likely to cause offense or injury of any kind to other users of the Web Site;
    5. If there is any other reason that SCJ deems sufficient to refuse a user registration.

3. User account

  1. A user must agree to only use the account acquired by that user via the User Registration process (hereinafter referred to as the "User Account".) The management of the User Account will be the user’s responsibility.
  2. If a person other than the registered user makes use of the User Account, any actions undertaken by the other person will be regarded as use by the registered user.
  3. SCJ holds to right to discontinue a User Account if the user is deemed to fall under any of the following items:
    1. If the user violates the Terms of Use, or if SCJ has determined that there is the fear the user may do so;
    2. If SCJ finds that the user has not satisfied the conditions set out in Article 2;
    3. If for any reason an act of a user is deemed a potential hindrance to the operation of the Web Site, or if such hindrance has been determined, or if SCJ determines that such hindrance may likely occur;
    4. If SCJ determines that an act by the user is inappropriate.

4. Intellectual property rights, etc.

  1. The Web Site and all contents posted on this Web Site (including images, video, characters, graphics, sound, music, logos and all other information, hereinafter referred to as the "Content") is protected under copyright, under author moral rights, neighboring rights, moral rights, trademark rights, design rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, and all other relevant rights with SCJ as the provider of the content, except for User Content (as defined in Article 6), or where the content is the property of a third party that has a legitimate right.
  2. Users may not engage in replication, reproduction, storage, transmission, distribution, modification, or editing by any other method, of this Web Site and Content, except as stipulated in Article 5, without the written consent of SCJ. This section does not apply to the user when the legitimate right holder of the User Content is the user.

5. Usage of content

Within the Web Site, users can only use Content (including User Content) for the following purposes:

  1. In the Library
    The user can search, browse and where applicable, download the resources that are referenced in the Library.
  2. The Presentation / Event Function
    A user may register for a Presentation/Event once it has been advertised. All advertised Presentations/Events require the prior approval of SCJ staff before being advertised. SCJ staff will monitor all Presentations/Events organized through the Web Site. Each Presentation/Event will have a moderator who may be a SCJ staff member, or a user. Some Presentation/Events will allow users to send and receive questions or comments to the moderator in real time. If there is a prior invitation by staff of SCJ, it is also possible for a user to become a co-moderator of a Presentation/Event.
  3. The Group Function
    Users will be able to participate in Public Groups, and participate in Private Groups in response to an invitation. All Groups must receive prior approval by SCJ staff before they are created and can be accessed by users. Members of a Group will be able to post messages visible to all group members in the Discussion Forum. Members of a Group will be able to exchange real-time text messages in a Chat Room with an individual or individuals who are also members of the Group. Users of a Group can request the booking of a Presentation/Event that will be for the members of that Group. The holding of a Presentation/Event requires the prior approval of SCJ staff. If a Presentation/Event is approved, members will be able to chat text, and hold voice or visual communication with other members of the Group. All Group Presentations/Events should be monitored and moderated by a SCJ staff member.

6. User Content

  1. A user will be responsible for all content they transmit, post or upload to the Web Site (hereinafter referred to as the "User Content".) The user will be responsible for all the results of their User Content.
  2. SCJ does not assume the obligation of saving User Content, nor take any responsibility for User Content that is lost, removed or deleted, for any reason. The user is responsible for backing up their User Content as appropriate.
  3. Upon the termination or expiry of a user’s registration, SCJ reserves the right to remove and delete all User Content that the user has made available on the Web Site. Likewise, upon the termination of the Web Site as a whole, SCJ reserves the right to remove all User Content from all users that have used the Web Site. SCJ reserves the right not to respond to requests from users regarding the handling, removal or return of User Content. In addition, SCJ does not assume any responsibility for penalties, damages etc. incurred through the actions of users, including any User Content included by a user on the Web Site.
  4. Users retain the rights reserved to User Content they have posted on the Web Site.
  5. A user is fully responsible for assuring that they have all the necessary rights required to post, transmit or upload User Content according to the Terms of Use of the Website. The user bears full responsibility for any breach of responsibilities, copyright, warranties etc. that occurs through their User Content, and is responsible for compensating SCJ for any damage, loss or expense incurred by SCJ by any breach of rights the user commits.
  6. Upon using the Web Site, the user agrees not to transmit, post or upload information relating to any of the following items. Any User Content that SCJ determines to be related to any of the following items can be deleted by SCJ without notification of the user, and may cause the user’s access to the Web Site to be terminated.
    1. Information that is contrary to the original purpose and usage of this Web Site;
    2. Information for the purpose of political or religious representation;
    3. Information that misrepresents, causes fear of, or discrimination against other individuals, groups or organizations;
    4. Information that SCJ determines may encourage or solicit murder, violence, abuse, or suicide (including the publication of materials describing suicide methods etc.);
    5. Information that SCJ determines may promote or solicit the use of illegal drugs, illegal weapons, the manufacture of explosives, prostitution, child pornography, or the promotion of crime;
    6. Cruel or violent images or video content (including illustrations and paintings, etc.);
    7. Images or video that could reasonably be deemed obscene or offensive (including illustrations and paintings, etc.);
    8. Information that has the potential to conflict with laws and regulations;
    9. Any other information that SCJ deems inappropriate.

7. Prohibited acts

SCJ prohibits the user from any act falling under any of the following items:

  1. Any act in violation of laws, regulations, public policy or this Agreement;
  2. Any act that infringes upon the copyright, patent rights, trademark rights or any other intellectual property rights of SCJ, other users or third parties;
  3. Any act that infringes upon the property rights, privacy, publicity rights, honor, or damages the credit of SCJ, other users or third parties;
  4. Any act of discrimination or slander against SCJ, other users or third parties;
  5. Providing false information;
  6. Any act that violates rules determined by SCJ and posted on the Web Site or that SCJ has notified the user of;
  7. Acts that use the Web Site in ways that are not intended by the Terms of Use or by convention;
  8. Acts that knowingly place a significant load upon the server or network that operates the Web Site;
  9. Unauthorized access to the Web Site, spoofing, or other acts that could reasonably be seen as misuse of the Web Site;
  10. Modification, damage or the disassembly, decompiling, or reverse engineering of the Web Site;
  11. Introducing a virus, Trojan horse, computer worm, malware or similar computer software that adversely affects the functioning of the Web Site or adversely affects other users’ use of the Web Site;
  12. Acts that prevent or could prevent the operation of the Web Site;
  13. Acts that intimidate, threaten or are offensive to other users;
  14. In addition to the above, acts that are annoying or damaging to SCJ or a third party;
  15. Any other acts that SCJ deems inappropriate.

8. Immunity

  1. The Web Site and its contents does not guarantee against the infringement of any third party rights. Should this Web Site or its content infringe upon the rights of a third party, or if it is found that there is such a risk, SCJ may suspend or cease the provision of management or content for the Web Site.
  2. The user shall use this Web Site and its contents at their own risk. SCJ provides no warranty of any kind regarding the maturity, accuracy, reliability, usability, or compatibility to the user's intended use for the Web Site or its contents.
  3. SCJ shall not be liable for any dispute arising between users.
  4. SCJ shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by the interruption of use of the Web Site due to a failure of systems, communication infrastructure, or any other reason.
  5. SCJ shall not be liable for any unauthorized access or damage to users’ computer systems caused by acts of a third party as may arise by using the Web Site.
  6. SCJ does not assume any responsibility for damage a user may incur in connection with the use of the Web Site.

9. Change, interruption or termination of the Web Site

  1. SCJ can at any time change the contents of, suspend or terminate the Web Site.
  2. SCJ does not take responsibility for users as it relates to actions under the previous section.

10. Links to external web sites

SCJ does not guarantee the legality, safety, accuracy, etc. of any link on the Web Site to a third party web site.

11. Damages

By agreeing to these Terms of Use, a user agrees to compensate SCJ or a third party for any damages awarded (including, but not limited to, reasonable legal fees), for any breach of this Agreement.

12. Inquiries, feedback and suggestions from users

SCJ is not obligated to respond to any user suggestions, inquiries, feedback or complaints received regarding the Web Site. SCJ will use its own discretion and judgment regarding responding to user communications.

13. Notification

  1. Notifications to the user from SCJ shall be made via the e-mail address used by the user to register for the Web Site, or via communication tools on the Web Site. E-mail sent to the user’s registered email address that reaches the mail server for that address, or a message that is successfully posted to the user on the Web Site will be deemed to have been an effective communication.
  2. Notifications to SCJ from a user should be made by sending e-mail to the e-mail address that SCJ specified upon registration. An e-mail sent to the specified SCJ email address that reaches the SCJ mail server will be deemed to have been an effective communication.
  3. If communication between SCJ and a user occurs, the recorded log on the SCJ server will act as final and definitive evidence of delivery. E-mails received from a user that has the registered e-mail address as the source will be assumed to come from the user as the authentic author.
  4. Users are responsible to ensure that e-mail from SCJ are not considered junk or spam e-mail by their own mail systems.

14. Governing law

This Agreement is governed under the laws of Japan.

15. Jurisdiction

The Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall be the first jurisdiction court to handle any disputes relating to this Web Site and this Agreement.